Duncan RV Repair Service Center Warranty Policy
RV Warranty Repairs in Elkhart, IN.


Warranty providers do not pay shipping or disposal fees. They often cover the labor time, labor rate, and often the service call rate. Normally they will refuse to pay any return trip service call fees. Besides the customer deductible, the customer is responsible to pay anything not paid by the extended warranty provider. In order to process an extended warranty, the customer needs to provide us with our warranty repair request form fully completed and filled out.

WARRANTY POLICY for Appliances, Awnings & other Components:

Warranty companies pay flat rate labor allowance based on which part is being replaced according to our “In Shop” timesheets and codes. They do not pay any service calls or travel fees. They pay repair labor only, not diagnostic labor. A customer who requests on site service for a warranty issues will have out of pocket expenses. A credit card number is mandatory to schedule a warranty service request. The customer must pay any balance due after the warranty provider has paid the claim.

Warrantor: Duncan RV Repair LLC., 29393 OLD US 33, Elkhart, IN 46516

We offer a “Limited Lifetime Warranty” for the duration of the ownership of your coach. This is not transferable to the buyer if you decide to sell your coach. This covers workmanship on repairs done to your coach. Warrantor will repair substantial defects in materials and workmanship caused by Warrantor. We shall elect to remedy the defect from among the following: repair, replacement or refund. We may not elect refund unless you agree, we are unable to provide replacement and repair is not commercially practicable. Warranty performance can only be obtained at Duncan RV Repair. All costs incurred in transporting this recreational vehicle for warranty service shall be borne by you. We will repair the defect within a reasonable amount of time, after appointment and delivery of your recreational vehicle. All of the warranty expenses in remedying the defect shall be borne by Duncan RV Repair.


Parts that have been replaced on your coach have their own warranties. Parts replaced are covered if defective through the manufacturers warranty. If the part is still under warranty through the manufacturer it is covered under our “Limited Lifetime Warranty.”


When we submit an estimate to your insurance company, it includes the service call and diagnostic labor to inventory damages and get information for parts and materials. If temporary repairs are made on the diagnostic trip, the labor and materials are also on the estimate. Customer out-of-pocket expense for an insurance job is typically the deductible and sometimes depreciation, applied by the insurance company. A $75 estimate fee will be applied, if the work is completed at our facility the estimate fee will be refunded.


We do non-insurance related estimates for the customer without charging a diagnostic fee, but we do not make a special trip off site to get the information. If an RV is stored at a location that is not in a campground or not at our facility, then we must charge for the service call and diagnostic labor to get the information for the estimate.